Dear All Friends,
would like to share something here; To humanize the Earth is also to humanize those who have influence and power over others. so that they in turn will listen to the voices of those who need to overcome poverty and disease. our community is inspired by the great teachings that preach tolerance among all people.And that tolerance goes even further because it sets as the highest value of every human act this principle: "Treat others as you want them to treat you." only if people put this principle into practice-this principle that is opposed to insensitivity, to selfishness and cynicism- will they be able to begin to Humanize the Earth. Our community is a tolerant and nonviolent moral force that teaches that the highest value is to "treat others as you want them to treat you." this is the moral impulse that must give direction to the new generations and be put into practice by everyone who truly wants to begin to humanize our Earth.
Many people want to become better beings, many want to overcome their inner confusion and spiritual sickness, and they believe that they can do so by closing their eyes to the world in which they live. I say that they will grow in spirit only if they begin to help others to surpass their pain and suffering. That is why we propose that people act in the world and not abandon the parties or organizations to which they belong. On the contrary, if one believes that one's organization can contribute to overcoming pain and suffering, one should participate there with enthusiasm. And if these organizations have shortcomings, then one should push to correct them and to turn these organizations and these efforts into instruments in the service of humanization. Because, if faith in oneself is not renewed, in the sense that one is able to contribute to progress, and if faith in the possibility of change in others is not renewed(even when those others are not without their shortcomings) then we shall stand paralyzed before the future-and the dehumanization of the earth will surely triumph. " feeling the starving children" I appreciate for your cooperation, been honest, prayers and good encouragement. I am happy on the way you continue to connecting me with your friends to come up with a solution of assisting these children because they are future leader and their generation will be change.
How are you and your work? It is too long without communicating to each other. I kindly request for your help this orphans needed to get relief food after crop failure. Orphans in Trans-Nzoia district we are requested set to receive relief food from well-wishers, friends and willing individuals like you to help the following items:
Needed 1,000 bags of maize, 200 bags of the beans, 200 bags of the rice and 200 bags of the carton of cooking fat needed dispatched to the area of the end of two to three weeks to safe school children to continue to learn without interfere with education.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soonest.
Best regards and God bless you.
Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala
Programme Coordinator
Sima Community Based Organization
PO BOX 1691, Kitale
Cell Phone +254 735 754 816

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Thanks for your good ideas and I hope you may help us how we ca constructed our motives or moto and what we can request from the public. May I lack some ideas and through you, you can be a resourceful personal to help us in order we can get supports. Thanks and god bless you.

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