Clean drinking water is a Right not a Luxury

2 billion people ( men, women and children) are affected by the lack of water worldwide.
It is likely that approximately two thirds of the global population will not have access to clean drinking water by 2025.

This is from the World Health. What can we do about it? Why is there this massive problem with clean water in this day and age, Charities, Aid Agents and NGO's are getting vast amounts of money, where is it going?

I believe that every Charity, Trust, Foundation, Aid Agency and NGO should have clean drinking water as a base, because with out water there is no life, and those that have no access to clean water live a life of suffering ill health, which means that children can not attend school, adults are to weak to work, and Aids/Hiv sufferers leave themselves open to ingesting bacteria and germs with does their already failing immune system no favours.

What are your thoughts?

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