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This message I got from mr.
Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala Thank you for your message. It is good to contact the ipeace because you are on the social network of ipeace.
Also I would like to to put this information on your website of ipeace or any other site.
Let's join hands and fights violence:
Can this beautiful dream be realized? I believe so if we take our time to understand violence then denounce it. There is social acceptance of violence in our society today which makes it very hard to tackle violence violence until it is extreme, statistics shows that one out of two women face violence in their lives.
If you are next to me, I will accept to be the one facing violence because I have heard its taste and its feel so bad, so bad when as a grown up someone resorts to beating or humiliating you to prove his might.
Let us join the We Can Alliance fighting to end social acceptance violence. It is all about attitude change.
National launch of this campaign will be on 20th Decemeber, 2008 at Mid-Africa Hotel. Pre-launch events will be held at Kiminini & Saboti centers on 18th & 19th respectively.
We Can Alliance Secretary Kitale. Kenya.
I am looking forward to look for your contribution from you.
Best regards,

and best regards from Holand,

Hans Mertens

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