DATE: 10/1/2009

Sima Community Based Organization started in 1993 in Kenya. It is still operating in Western Kenya and Rift Valley province. It has been successful in uniting several groups of women and individuals. Currently the country is faced with a peace and reconciliation problem in the internally displaced people (IDPS) camps. The Government has made several attempts to unit and return the IDPS to their various homes but in vain. Currently we have over 10,000 IDPS still leaving in various camps allover the country. It is with this in mind that SIMA has decided to bring together IDPS through the production and marketing of products that they produce. The idea is to bring people together to produce crops and market them together. How? SIMA already is registered N.G.O that targets 10 to 30 people, these people in the past have table banking in which each member is registered to contribute 100 shillings per month as a savings. At the end of the month they can pool together the money and borrow from the same pool.
The resources required for this project include personnel for supervision and training, funds fertilizers and seeds transport and a market for the produce both local and international.
The result is the communities will share, bond, it will create employment produce. Food, be an example for other IDPS. It will also alleviate poverty and hence reduce idleness.

SIMA aims at bringing communities together through the production and marketing of goods. It hopes to enhance trading between communities that were estranged. The long term benefit is that through this poverty will be eradicated and there will be enough food for the IDPS who are currently dependent on the Government for basic needs. It will serve as a prototype of solving conflicts in different parts of the world. It is also hoped that trust will develop and that communities will live together peacefully.
SIMA has been bringing people together for their own benefit and thus there has been a lot economic improvement in the lives of many.*dad to fill in the organizational goals

The major main of this project is to bring about change in the lives of many. Marketing of products has been a very difficult task for farmers in Kenya because of the middle men who want to take most of the profit. Secondly the post election violence brought about hostile feeling among different communities.

It will not be easy for the attitudes to change unless basic needs are improved tough this project. Several people lost most of their properties. It is hoped that it will bring together those who have and those who do not have. Thirdly, through this project IDPS will be trained to think about other jobs like farming instead of thinking about white collar jobs. Lastly it will create self reliance and enable to start as many projects as possible.

The groups that exist in SIMA have been together for the past twenty years. It is with this in mind that the project will be viable.

The first step will be to ensure that there is an awareness campaign. This would act as a survey and a needs assessment test for the project. It will be publicized through the radio and flyers.
The second step includes ensuring that groups register under SIMA in different camps. It is hoped that through this they will be able to appoint their own leaders and discuss their needs. Here the groups have to be formed and the market proposed. The groups should be formed in Saboti Trans Nzoia *Insert a map of Transzoia, Saboti division.
The donors will supply seed and fertilizers according to the needs via SIMA
They will also provide personnel to supervise the project at different levels.
The project should start in 2009-2010. The project will be publicized through barazas, radio, churches, workshops lectures conference papers and seminars. Facilities available include one office for coordination. We do have two SIMA staff members.
Need Assessment; the project will require four computer, 2 vehicles, 3 motorcycles, and storehouses for the collection of the foodstuffs.
Literature review on IDP camps will be sough via the Government and also internet.

Direct; Personnel, Secretary, accountants, marketer, manager, drivers, mechanics, SIMA personnel, and agricultural field workers.

Passbooks, tractor buildings, motorbikes, vehicles
Supplies Fertilizers, seed, herbicides, pesticides
Travel, fuel

Support services; Government officials, experts
Computer use;

Motor bikes can reach where the vehicles cannot, and they are economical. Green house will be encouraged in order to reduce diseases.

The project is a major concern of the government and therefore it is sensitive to handle. There should be training made to the farmers so that they are productive and they are not affected by the herbicides precautions will be taken to protect the farmers fro any form of harm. Lastly the issue of security will be addressed by the government.

Best regards,
Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala
Programme Coordinator
Sima Community Based Organization
PO BOX 1691, Kitale 30200 Kenya
Cellphone: +254735754816

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