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Peace for Kenya

Started Nov 11, 2008

Thank you
2 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sylvia Nov 4, 2008.


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At 9:36am on November 7, 2008, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Dear Hans,
I am not happy to see what is happening in DR CONGO. Many people are displaced due to the war between Goverment soldier and opposition. Yesteday I watch my TV and it is sad to see what is continue happening. Today UN and Presidents they are meet in Nairobi Kenya on that issue to find the solution of stopping the war in DR.Congo. It is painful to see women and children running to look where is peace place.
The memners who join ipeace and that site to take action on that issue.
At 2:57pm on November 10, 2008, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Thank you for your message. It is good to contact the ipeace because you are on the social network of ipeace.
Also I would like to to put this information on your website of ipeace or any other site.
Let's join hands and fights violence:
Can this beautiful dream be realized? I believe so if we take our time to understand violence then denounce it. There is social acceptance of violence in our society today which makes it very hard to tackle violence violence until it is extreme, statistics shows that one out of two women face violence in their lives.
If you are next to me, I will accept to be the one facing violence because I have heard its taste and its feel so bad, so bad when as a grown up someone resorts to beating or humiliating you to prove his might.
Let us join the We Can Alliance fighting to end social acceptance violence. It is all about attitude change.
National launch of this campaign will be on 20th Decemeber, 2008 at Mid-Africa Hotel. Pre-launch events will be held at Kiminini & Saboti centers on 18th & 19th respectively.
We Can Alliance Secretary Kitale. Kenya.
I am looking forward to look for your contribution from you.
Best regards,
At 9:21am on November 14, 2008, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Nkunda issues coup warning to Kabila:

Congo government dismisses the Tutsi rebel leader as a war criminal saying he should be in jail.
The Democratic Republic of Congo government has rejected calls for talks with a rebel leader whose forces control the eastern areas.
Gen Laurent Nkunda has said his forces would topple the government if no agreement to negotiate is struck. But DR Congo’s ambassador to the United Nations said Nkunda should be in jail for war crimes. Nkunda commands 6, 000 Tutsi rebels in the east, where some 250,000 people have been displaced by recent fighting. The rebel leader says his forces are respecting a ceasefire, although they still surround the city of Goma which is protected by UN peacekeepers. In an interview with BBC, Nkunda reiterated a threat to overthrow the government of President Joseph Kabila.
However, correspondents say it is not clear that his small force could really threaten the capital, Kinshasa, 1,600km to the west. Nkunda’s remarks were summarily dismissed by Atoki lleka, the country’s UN envoy, who called the rebel leader “a killer”. “Laurent Nkunda has been labeled by the United Nations since 2002 as a warlord and a war criminal since the massacres in Kisangani in 2002 when he was general for the (rebel) RCD Goma,” lleka said. “So I don’t have any trust in him. What I want – like I said to him about four years ago – (is) that one day I’m going to visit him. I’m going to visit him when he’s going to be in jail. “You don’t negotiate with criminals; you catch a criminal and put him in jail so he can respond to justice.”
But Nkunda said the way to resolve the current crisis was through negotiation. “If he (President Joseph Kabila) refuses to talk now he will not be able to rule Congo and to lead it,” he said. “We have to liberate Congo. Congo has to be free and to develop.”
Nkunda has always said he is fighting to protect his Tutsi community from attacks by Rwandan Hutu rebels, who fled to DR Congo after Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. He accuses the army of working with the Hutu forces.
He spoke to the BBC at his mountain headquarters, three hours drive outside Goma. The threat may just be aimed at strengthening Nkunda’s political position. In the most recent clashes, Nkunda’s forces have taken a series of towns and villages near Goma, the capital of DR Congo’s North Kivu province. The UN has accused both sides of war crimes, following the reported killing of several civilians in the eastern town of Kiwanja last wee.
Forces in Goma: GNDP: Gen Nkunda’s Tutsi rebels – 6,000 fighters. FDLR: Rwanda Hutus – 6 – 7,000, Mai Mai: pro-government militia – 3, 500, Monuc: UN peacekeepers – 1,000 in Goma, 6,000 in North Kivu (17,000 nationwide), DRC army – 90,000 (nationwide). A rebel soldier loyal to Gen Nkunda walks through the village of Kibumba north of Goma in eastern Congo.

At 9:50am on November 14, 2008, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Dear Hans,
Greetings from Kampala City in Uganda. I am Carlton Hotel in Kampala where we went two days in Rwanda where we have war. I would like add your voice in ipeace what action can take and even ipeace in Kenya on that issues that they are happening in Rwanda right now. When I visit the Goma i am painful to see many innocent people lose their life. God do you some miracles to healing thopse who are suffering especially women and Children's. We went to give them humanitarian food but we blocked do not enter their. What support ipeace can you help this rwandans people can get from this site? Bro. Hans you are doing good work but what action since the ipeace have helping displaced people or advocacy non violence. No action they have taken.
The smouldering stubs in the Congo have always threatened to burst into flames. The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have never known peace since independence from Belgium. The war that has taken many different forms has morphed into a fullscale war occassionaly sucking in the rest of region who rush in to plunder congo's rich mineral wealth. General Laurent Nkunda has led the current onslaught where his ragtag army has been accused of slaughtering unarmed civilians, raping, looting and burning villages. The government of President Joseph Kabila has threatened to arrest and hand Nkunda over to the International Criminal Court at the Hague.
Humanitarian agencies nestimates that up to a quarter of a million people have been forced into crowded, filthy refugee camps where they face the threat of disease and death. Nkunda's long held claim of protecting the minority Tutsi's from Hutu militias is falling apart with his latest threat to overrun in Kinshasa and take over government.
Yet desoite its rich minerals, Congo's people live a miserable life. Britain's and France's Foreign ministers forays into the war fields last week have done little to make Nkunda's forces to obey the latest of the many ceasefires. The biggest UN peacekeeping force is stationed in the region though it looks overwhelmed as Nkunda's men march forward.
The war in the Congo is a wart on the conscience of the world and the sooner the fires are put off, the better for Congo and its people. Holding conferences like the latest one in Nairobi, does not translate to peace for the masses. The world must coerce the leaders of the Congo to end the war and press charges against the wrong doers.

Bro.Hans tell your friends, NGOs to visit rwanda to see themselves. And I appeal Bro. Hans if you come across video camera, handset(mobile) please sent to me. I will be in Kitale tomorrow for one week after that I will back to Rwanda to help them humanitarian relief to the people who have displaced more than 250, 000. There is well wishers who support me and take some information to send to them. Also we are providing free treament in different camps. We need action from now and helping this people. I also heard Nothern part of Kenya they have closed the boundaries due to somalia they also fighting. Kenya goverment have taken the army to block them.
Where are we heading now?
At 2:37pm on January 6, 2009, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Sigh of relief as organization offers IDPS .
Construction of housing boosted resettlement and integration of rival communities
When she hosted five Mps in her incomplete mud-walled house, I say belied the problems we has undergone following the violence that broke out after the last General election.Muthoni’s house at Chepkanga in Uasin Gishu and Trans Nzoia Districts was destroyed during the chaos, but she is a beneficiary of a housing programme for IDPs by International Organization for Migration (IOM) . it has constructed 300 two bedroomed housing units in Uasin Gishu.Though her permanent house was destroyed, she got one of the 100 semi –permanent housing units constructed by IOM and has since settled on her farm. During the visit by the MPs who are members of the Amani Forum, she did not have furniture , but she was happy a year of staying in a tent, she has shelter.
Two Bed-Roomed Houses.
The mother of seven told The Standard that living in a tent, one of the 100 semi-permanent housing units constructed by IOM and has since settled on her farm.. During the visit by the MPs whoa re members of the Amani Forum, she did not have furniture , but she was happy that after a year of staying in a tent , she has shelter.
Two Roomed Houses.
The mother of seven told The Standard that living in a tent was challenging.
“I have children and it was difficult playing my role during my stay at the Eldoret show ground, “She says. Muthoni stayed at the Eldoret showground and Chepkanga transitional camps for one year.
However, the dilapidated structures in her compound that was one her house and a disused borehole, serve as a reminder of what her home looked like before the violence.
Muthoni explains that she has started interacting with her neighbors and they have forgiven each other.“During the walling of my house, my neighbors assisted and we interacted and resolved to live in peace ,” she says. She says she is not bitter and is working on improving the relationship with her neighbours. Another beneficiary, Mr Peter Kuria Muraya, say the construction of he houses had enabled him to resettle on their land with his family.
“Living in the tent for the past year has been a challenge and the construction of the houses by IOM has given us hope,” he says. The IDPs moving back to their farms say they are committed to reconciling with their neighbors and forging ahead with development.
“Without peace there is little we can achieve. That is why we are working on improving our relations, “says Johnstone S. Wanjala. Those returning to their farms, however, lack basic household facilities. The violence also affected their sources of income and majorities are unable to fend for their families. “The main challenge we are experiencing is educating our children, especially those in secondary schools, “Said Johnstone
600 Houses
According to IOM field coordinator, Robert Odhiambo , the organization has helped build 700 houses. Mr. Odhiambo said the organization had built 100 units for families in Chepkanga, 140 in Bindura and 50families benefited in Ilula in Uasin GIshu District .Trans Nzoia, Mt.elgo and Lugari districts. “The beneficiaries of the housing units are identified by the community members. Though all IDPs were affected, we are assisting those who are neediest, “says Odhiambo.
He says the labour is locally generated in order to create income for the local and accelerate the integration of the affected people “The construction of the houses helped to reconcile the communities because during instances like walling, they worked as a team, “He says.
Odhiambo says the provision of shelter for the displaced people had played a key role in the resettlement and integration of people back to the communities. The Mps who visited the IDPs were Ekwe Ethuto (Chairman) Margaret Kamar (Treasurer) and members Peris Siman, Jeremaih Kioni and Erastus Mureith.
Genuine Reconciliation
Prof. Kamar , who is also the area MP ,says there should be genuine reconciliation and appealed to the elders and provincial administration to spearhead the efforts.
“People have lived together as neighbors for a long time and it is time to bury their differences, “she said. Mr. Ethuro said failure by the Government to pay the displaced Sh35, 000 had frustrated the resettlement.
He appealed to the people to co-exist peacefully and added that tic was shamefully for people to continue in tents.

At 11:54am on April 9, 2009, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Probe Kibaki over human rights abuse
The government was recently put on the spot by UN Special Investigator Philip Alston for intimidating human rights defenders. The International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) supports Prof Alston and calls for the probe of President Kibaki for human rights abuses.
There has to be legal and political individual accountability on the part of the President in relation to post-election violence and extra judicial killings.
At the moment we do not think the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) is going to yield much. It is just going to be another waste of public funds with no serious outcome.
If the state cannot successfully implement the Waki report, what makes it think the TJRC is going to be any different?

Kenya is facing many problems as common man continue to suffer. What action humanitys team will take to safe their human being?
At 4:05pm on June 22, 2009, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Greetings from Kenya. bro. Hans Please can download this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehCMU32tNi4 and put to my site for my friend watch them
At 12:45pm on September 1, 2009, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
I appreciate for your commitment you and kindly I requested you to help and support these children urgently before of 9th Sept 2009 for the school fees without complete them will not sit the finally examination which will determine them to promote them.
We have the following children’s that needed school fees paid before above date are follows:-
1, Mourreen Nafula Sitatunga high school balance $150, she is form four aged 16yrs.
2, Shaline Majuma Lumino Benezer high school balance $120 form one aged 14
3, George Wafula Tumaini academy school balance $80 standard eight aged 11
4, Roy Kisaka Tumaini academy school balance $50 standard four aged 9
5, Oscar Simiyu Namwela hign school balance$ 120 form two aged 13
6, Silve Wafula Modern academy balance$50 standard three aged 6
And others until the 9th September 2009,
Also orphans needed to get relief food after crop failure. Orphans in Trans-Nzoia district we are requested set to receive relief food from well-wishers, friends and willing individuals like you to help the following items:
Needed 1,000 bags of maize, 200 bags of the beans, 200 bags of the rice and 200 bags of the carton of cooking fat needed dispatched to the area of the end of two to three weeks to safe school children to continue to learn without drop out to the school because of the starvation and hunger. Also apart from the orphans, the supplies would also be given to those suffering from HIV/AIDS. The area had poor harvests last season due to inadequate rains and also post election violence affected many families.
We shall appreciate if God talk to you and your friends do miracle and send to us for your contribution for any amount that God has blessed tohelp this children.
Thanks and God bless you.
Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala
At 4:29am on July 31, 2010, diana robson said…
hi hans
please would you have a look at our website www.jompy.co.uk I think you will find the info of interest
At 4:58pm on May 3, 2011, jeniffer yak said…
My name isjeniffer, i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an e mail to my email address so , here is my e mail address(jenifferyak33@yahoo.co.uk) i believe we can move from here .
I am waiting . (Remeber that distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life) reply me with your email address .
Thanks Yours in love,

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