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Think the Unthinkable, Move the Immovable & Connect the Unconnected, in order to Make it Happen!

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The Synergysophy

"It is the function of creative people to perceive relations between thoughts, or things, or forms of expressions that seem utterly different, and to be able to Connect the seemingly Unconnected".

Where chaos begins, classical science stops. There has always been ignorance about disorder in the atmosphere, in the turbulent sea, in the fluctuations of wildlife populations, the oscillations of the heart and brain......

Classical (western) science is the science of logic, of linearity, of definitions... We believe that where 'classical science stops', the real fun begins. We want to explore the chaos of ideas that try to depict this adventurous century and form the roots of the century ahead. Because we believe that within the chaos patterns can be found. And these patterns will enable the formation of strategic thinking.

Names and boxes

The classical method for the investigation of systems and processes is a flow chart - a network of discrete ' boxes ', each named, and connected together, in a hierarchy of ' decision '. Useful though this method may be, boxes often exclude the very information that might be needed. And in a world where barriers are falling, frontiers collapsing, disciplines intermixing and culture going into the melting pot, these precise delineated boxes no longer reveal truths, they conceal them.

The Lake of Ideas

We prefer to think of a name, or a box, as a stone dropped into a lake of ideas. Each 'stone' produces concentric ripples which spread out and intersect with other ripples, creating complex patterns of interference - which might be called chaos. It is the the resonation of ideas with each other that interests us most of all. It is in the spaces INBETWEEN that excitement lies!

One basic law of organic evolution is 'increasing complexity'. Things never get easier. On the other hand, the simple smoothness of a pebble on the beach is the result of millions of frictional contacts with other pebbles in the surge and ebb of the tides. Ideas become beautiful in the same way. Our ideas may one day be beautiful - but for the moment we are interested in the waves, not the beach. Not in the concrete, but in the ephemeral motion which is the result of conflicting energies.

SICU as a Operational Research Group

Operational Research (OR) was a system devised during WW2 to solve unique problems of technology, logistics and strategy. Radar was one of the hundreds of answers to vaguely positioned but urgent problems that OR produced.

The principle of OR was that new circumstances required innovative methodologies. An OR group was always a mixture of different professional disciplines. A botanist, a mathematician, a chemist, a psychologist, an astronomer - each OR member brought to the group a discrete worldview or logical system, and also detailed knowledge and understanding of the structure of that system. But none of them could solve the problem alone. ONLY THE INTERSECTION of these systems produced innovative thinking.

The clash of these systems, the impossibility of mapping one system onto another, is what often sparked the INSIGHT - the FLASH OF INSPIRATION that firstly defined the gestalt of the problem, and eventually led to it's solution.

We believe that the principles of OR can usefully be applied both within and outside commercial and institutional organisations which seek fresh input into their systems of management, operation and, especially, communication.

Success for the whole symphony orchestra

Traditional notes can be described as a linear process chart, where the notes are “fixed” on a stave. The score of contemporary music is a time-dependent graphic representation. It is a composition played with several instruments, but there is not necessarily even one traditional note or a stave. It can for instance be a circle filled with indigenous symbols, which represents a totally unidentified chaos for most people, but in the eyes of the composer a well ordered goal which generates success for whole of the orchestra.

SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected)

SICU is founded in that spirit of exploration - to bring together different creative disciplines and to discover the resonances and dissonances between them. SICU represents many things: ombudsgroup, think-tank, concept exploration, simulation, OR, an open, and a multifunctional marketing agency, and a multidimesional virtual organization. It will remain many-faceted because the very nature of the chaos facing us is that the old boxes and linear flowcharts cannot serve us any longer.

I see that SICU can easily be defined as an Operational Research group as well both globally and "glocally". The SICU concept is designed to increase trust, interaction, value and cooperation between all parties involved, and to form Think tanks and Service Cluster teams in order to solve problems and to fulfil the specific needs of Individual Customers.


The act of creativity by itself is rewarding for many people. No audience, sale or reward may be necessary. The act itself is self-rewarding. Though a secure and ongoing income is the basic need of most of us people, there are also people who find the act of thinking to be self-rewarding; who find stimulation in addressing concepts outside their everyday life and work. It is the joy of unfettered exploration.

Trapped in a box?

The world is ' fuzzy ' - not black and white. The world is becoming more complex, not less. When the structure is collapsing - it's better not to be trapped in a box! If you feel you are, please contact SICU to be connected!

LEARNING TO THINK (Art installation by Anthony Gormley) makes me think about all individuals who are trapped in Box-organizations of different sizes, which I use to call Creativity Killers.

I believe that the principles of OR can usefully be applied both within and outside commercial and institutional organizations which seek fresh input into their systems of management, operation and, especially, marketing communication.

Tom Merilahti
Marketing Integrator &
Communication Coordinator
Mobile head office: +358 440 255 053
SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected)

The undersigned is a referral agent of Space Adventures


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If you are interested and capable to create and coordinate one of these special groups, or any other special group within your professional know-how, please let me know!

Comment Wall (5 comments)

At 10:45am on October 12, 2008, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
I have join you.How will you Humanize the Earth and their is No PEACE!
The Kenyan society is today held hostage by an unacceptable cycle of crime and insecurity families that previously slept peacefully at night and went off to work the following morning leaving their homes safe and secure now leave work to return to a house that has been broken into or into the waiting hands of burglars, armed robbers or carjackers. Pastoral communities have to live with the menace of cattle rustlers virtually every day. Child molestation and abuse, rape and domestic violence have all steadily become commonplace in Kenyan communities and families. Insecurity destroys lives and property it breeds fear, discourages investment and social progress and disrupts work and other regular activities and programs. Furthermore, certain communities that have in the past lived in Peace and harmony with each other now commonly engage in violent clashes, post election violence that have led to heavy loss of life and property. The emergence of the phenomenon of internally displaced persons is testimony to the intolerable levels that the present our ipeace network was allowed insecurity to degenerate.
Today, about half of the Kenyan population wallows in poverty. the rate of poverty is estimated to be about 49.1% and 33.9% for the rural and urban population respectively, although the incidence is higher for people at lower education levels, with larger households, high age levels and those married. About half of the nations population is unable to feed itself and meet basic social welfare needs such as healthcare, shelter and access to clean drinking water. For the most critically affected people today; that is for the individual that is hungry but cannot afford a meal, is sick but can't afford medicine, is young but can'tattend secondary school, is without clothes but can't afford something to wear, is tired at the end of the day, but can't afford a house to sleep in and will therefore, be spending the night in the open or in makeshilf shelter, these issues cannot wait for the outcomes of a long-term plan for economic growth and its supposed trickle-down effects.
Now like Samburu and their neighbours are not in good terms due to lack security in the place. Many Samburu have displaced their families and now they are staying in the camps and most people who are suffering are women and Childrens. Now the Old people above 70years have taken to Maralla town due to failure the security to keep them one place to stay their without provide them food. From Samburu to Maralla town is more than 30 kms way. The neighbour are continue slealing their cattle and killing them. The government has fail to protect them people with their rights and also to settle more than 70,000 IDPs to go their homes or lands to stay. Many people are refugees in their own country.
I am appeal those friends who are willing to visit our country welcome and see the situation how people are. especailly the areas is Samburu, Nakuru, Molo, Burnt Forest, Trans-Nzoia, Mt.elgon and other parts of our country Kenya. Many Leaders and politicians are moving all parts of our country campaigns for 2012 without protect, preach peace to the people. I am Sad.
I wish you
Peace, Force and Joy.
At 10:20am on January 6, 2009, Anderson TR CEO My Shield Corp said…

Thank you, we Wish You a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year of Health, Happiness & Prosperity Merry Christmas!

Hi, been extremely busy, lost my funding source on October 1st, 2008
The world’s super investors offered $1 Billion at $20 Million per month starting Oct. 1st
Instead of receiving the funding that day, a FBI agent that knows me, called.....
Hiring Directors & Medical Staff
• Our mother died of ALS three years ago
• Our dad just died of Dementia Dec 2nd
We are going to put millions into the Medical R&D to help them find the answers to the diseases that are killing us.
We are leasing 28 of the 95 closed military bases, and will be based in Seattle WA Developer: Residential & Commercial! Our buildings can withstand 95% of all known disasters up to F5 to level!
Hiring thousands once we start
We are also going to force changes to several major concerns:
• Salmon
• Lumber
• Rivers
• Amber Alert
We will support all Disasters around the world
We will have the most important – powerful NOC in the world
We can't wait to get started!
Sincerely, Ted
At 2:58pm on January 6, 2009, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Sigh of relief as organization offers IDPS .
Construction of housing boosted resettlement and integration of rival communities
When she hosted five Mps in her incomplete mud-walled house, I say belied the problems we has undergone following the violence that broke out after the last General election.Muthoni’s house at Chepkanga in Uasin Gishu and Trans Nzoia Districts was destroyed during the chaos, but she is a beneficiary of a housing programme for IDPs by International Organization for Migration (IOM) . it has constructed 300 two bedroomed housing units in Uasin Gishu.Though her permanent house was destroyed, she got one of the 100 semi –permanent housing units constructed by IOM and has since settled on her farm. During the visit by the MPs who are members of the Amani Forum, she did not have furniture , but she was happy a year of staying in a tent, she has shelter.
Two Bed-Roomed Houses.
The mother of seven told The Standard that living in a tent, one of the 100 semi-permanent housing units constructed by IOM and has since settled on her farm.. During the visit by the MPs whoa re members of the Amani Forum, she did not have furniture , but she was happy that after a year of staying in a tent , she has shelter.
Two Roomed Houses.
The mother of seven told The Standard that living in a tent was challenging.
“I have children and it was difficult playing my role during my stay at the Eldoret show ground, “She says. Muthoni stayed at the Eldoret showground and Chepkanga transitional camps for one year.
However, the dilapidated structures in her compound that was one her house and a disused borehole, serve as a reminder of what her home looked like before the violence.
Muthoni explains that she has started interacting with her neighbors and they have forgiven each other.“During the walling of my house, my neighbors assisted and we interacted and resolved to live in peace ,” she says. She says she is not bitter and is working on improving the relationship with her neighbours. Another beneficiary, Mr Peter Kuria Muraya, say the construction of he houses had enabled him to resettle on their land with his family.
“Living in the tent for the past year has been a challenge and the construction of the houses by IOM has given us hope,” he says. The IDPs moving back to their farms say they are committed to reconciling with their neighbors and forging ahead with development.
“Without peace there is little we can achieve. That is why we are working on improving our relations, “says Johnstone S. Wanjala. Those returning to their farms, however, lack basic household facilities. The violence also affected their sources of income and majorities are unable to fend for their families. “The main challenge we are experiencing is educating our children, especially those in secondary schools, “Said Johnstone
600 Houses
According to IOM field coordinator, Robert Odhiambo , the organization has helped build 700 houses. Mr. Odhiambo said the organization had built 100 units for families in Chepkanga, 140 in Bindura and 50families benefited in Ilula in Uasin GIshu District .Trans Nzoia, Mt.elgo and Lugari districts. “The beneficiaries of the housing units are identified by the community members. Though all IDPs were affected, we are assisting those who are neediest, “says Odhiambo.
He says the labour is locally generated in order to create income for the local and accelerate the integration of the affected people “The construction of the houses helped to reconcile the communities because during instances like walling, they worked as a team, “He says.
Odhiambo says the provision of shelter for the displaced people had played a key role in the resettlement and integration of people back to the communities. The Mps who visited the IDPs were Ekwe Ethuto (Chairman) Margaret Kamar (Treasurer) and members Peris Siman, Jeremaih Kioni and Erastus Mureith.
Genuine Reconciliation
Prof. Kamar , who is also the area MP ,says there should be genuine reconciliation and appealed to the elders and provincial administration to spearhead the efforts.
“People have lived together as neighbors for a long time and it is time to bury their differences, “she said. Mr. Ethuro said failure by the Government to pay the displaced Sh35, 000 had frustrated the resettlement.
He appealed to the people to co-exist peacefully and added that tic was shamefully for people to continue in tents.

At 4:20am on July 31, 2010, diana robson said…
hi tom
please would you look at our website I think you will find the info of interest
At 4:57pm on May 3, 2011, jeniffer yak said…
My name isjeniffer, i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an e mail to my email address so , here is my e mail address( i believe we can move from here .
I am waiting . (Remeber that distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life) reply me with your email address .
Thanks Yours in love,

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