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Children crisis

“All we have now does not last us more than a month, even if we miss some meals a day, as we normally do it. By the time our food runs out, my children may die of hunger.", “It is bad now and very difficult to feed the family,”Another of 8 children's, 4- 8 year, had also been admitted to a World Vision supported therapeutic food program for four weeks. We needed urgently Food 50 bags of maize flour, which is that one bag of the maize for 90kgs cost $37.5, 30 bags of the beans, one bag of the…


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Children at the Orphanage Sima

Imagine...No parents, No home, No food, Dressed in rags… Your only Christmas wish that someone might give you some food, or a safe place to sleep. This is the situation for hundreds of homeless, orphaned children in Africa who arrive as early as 4 a.m. at the gates of the orphanages we help support. The children at the gates are actually small families of children who are trying to survive on their own, typically with no adults in their lives. Many times, children of 10 years or even younger…


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Water & Sanitation Project

Sima Community Based Organization is among of faith based organization and we are doing voluntary services in the community at grassroots level. We registered on 1994 as community based as non profit making organization. We are totally members 39 and we serve or target groups e.g. women, youth’s, schools and churches and community as all.

Our aim was to achieve better for all by the year 2010 by investing in primary health care programmes through provision of health facilities,… Continue

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War & Conflict in Africa!

Africa stands out from other developing regions by the brutality and sheer number of wars and conflicts. Luckham et al (2001) argues that war and poverty are in a dynamic and mutually reinforcing relationship. The conventional portrayal of conflict as a deviation from 'normal' life fails to comprehend situations where conflict splutters, re-ignites and is rarely settled by 'peace' agreements. No less than 28 African states have been at war since 1980. Conflicts are regionally connected and… Continue

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Government statistics indicate that 70 per cent of Kenyans live in the rural areas. This means that out of the population of 31 millions, about 22 million people live in the countryside. The remaining nine million are scattered in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret and other towns.

Kenya remains a rural country Technologically and economically, we are a developing country with a small modern sector distributed among the five main urban centers. Most rural folk survive on a… Continue

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Apply for new Literature

Cosmopolitan means living in a region that has people with different culture, family background and beliefs. Being a Cosmopolitan, there is always learning from each other in terms of culture, behaviors hence bringing different ideologies in harmony. Beside that what also attract me most with the Cosmopolitan is unity, brotherhood and sisterhood that is seen among the people living in that particular region. All these aspect break the idea of tribalism as people see each other as… Continue

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Suffering of Children

Sima Community based Organization and our Church ministry has gone a step ahead about orphan, disable children and vulnerable children. We have started a school to help this orphan, disable and vulnerable children It is vital for children’s futures that they attend school and take full advantage of their education. Education is also important for their psychosocial development. Schools can provide children with a safe, structured environment, the emotional support and supervision of adults, and… Continue

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Protect women, Girl hild Education & Children's!

Sima women project is a modern Anti-Rape Self-Defense program based in Kitale but we working in slums in Kenya. We are a 10 member team of instructors who travel from slum to slum visiting schools, churches and community groups. We offer our lifesaving Self-Defense skills free of charge to women and children ages 7 and older. It is estimated that 1,240 women and children are sexually assaulted every day in Kenya. It is our goal to prevent these attacks by preparing our students to defend… Continue

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Defending the Human Rights of Street and Marginalised Children!

Sima Communty Based Organization

Transforming Children's Lives

Defending the Human Rights of

Street and Marginalised Children

We are ensuring and providing for the basic human rights of children in Kitale town/Rural areas. Administration capital of Trans Nzoia district in north western Kenya, Kitale boasts some of the most pathetic slum conditions in Kenya that are a surprise to even the most hardened of visitors.

Through integrated Rights Based… Continue

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